Spring Cleaning For Your Smile? Our Toluca Lake Dentist Explains

Written by Dr. McKay on Mar 29, 2022

As the weather gets warmer, many of us turn our attention to spring cleaning routines. Well, this year, our Toluca Lake dentists want to encourage you to extend your cleaning efforts to deal with your dental health, as well. There are a number of simple and effective steps you can take to refresh your smile this spring!

Professional Cleaning

The American Dental Association recommends that patients complete professional dental cleanings every six months or so. Now is the perfect time to get back on track and see your dentist for a professional cleaning. During these appointments, our dental team is able to clear away appreciably more plaque and tartar than you can get to at home.

At-Home Refresh

Improve your at-home cleaning routine by replacing old and worn-out tools. Remember that toothbrushes become less effective after a few months of regular use. You will likely notice that your smile looks and feels better once you have upgraded your cleaning tools and products. If you ever have any questions about what type of dental tools are right for you, you can always reach out to our dental team for additional guidance.

Set Goals

Take the time to set some intentions for your smile over the next few months. Are you committed to defeating bad breath? Are you ready to lighten and whiten your smile with cosmetic dentistry? Whatever your personal goals may be, our team can help you reach your goals.

Even if it has been years since you’ve refreshed your smile, our Toluca Lake dentists can help you reach your dental goals. You can always schedule a consultation by calling our office, or by using the Contact Us page on our site!