Toluca Lake Dentist Provides Effective Treatments To Improve Seriously Damaged Smiles

Written by Dr. McKay on May 2, 2017

Too many patients simply give up on their smiles because they’re dealing with dental damage that they assume is insurmountable. The truth is that thanks to the marvels of modern dentistry our team can improve even the most depleted and damaged smiles. Keep reading to learn more about the treatments and technologies that our Toluca Lake dentists use to counter dental damage.

Keep in mind that restorative treatment plans are highly customizable; the best way to get an idea of how your smile can benefit is to schedule a personal consultation with our team.

When a tooth is damaged due to infection or trauma, a crown can be used to rebuild the missing portion and repair the tooth. Our dentist offers CEREC crowns; these are high-quality customized crowns that are crafted and placed in just one visit. CEREC technology allows our team to craft crowns on-site, so you no longer have to wear a temporary crown while waiting for your dental restoration to be completed.

Dental bonding is another useful tool in the restorative dentist’s toolbox. During the bonding process our team applies dental resin to the natural tooth, and then we cure the resin so that it hardens and bonds to the enamel. Composite resin is custom-shaded to blend with the patient’s real enamel.

Many people do not realize that our teeth actually have different layers; the enamel, the dentin, and then the dental core. When a tooth is damaged down to the dental core—meaning the pulp, tissues, and roots are affected—our dentist may recommend that you undergo root canal therapy. This treatment allows our team to go into the core of your tooth and remove infected or damaged material. Then, after cleaning and sterilizing the remaining healthy tooth structure, we place a customized restoration so that the tooth looks whole and functions optimally again.

No matter what kind of dental damage you’re dealing with, our Toluca Lake dentists encourage you to not give up on your smile! If you want to learn more about the restorative treatments we offer, please contact us by phone or through our website; we look forward to speaking with you!