Toluca Lake Family Dentist Works With Kids To Help Build Strong Oral Health Foundations

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 5, 2016

Our Toluca Lake dentists have seen, time and time again, how important early positive dental experiences are for pediatric dental patients. When people have good childhood dental appointments—when they learn how to care for their teeth properly early in life—they are much more likely to maintain strong and healthy smiles as adults.

Our dental team works hard to help our young patients understand who dental care matters, and to help them perfect their oral hygiene routines. Keep reading to learn more about the things we emphasize when working with pediatric patients:

1. The realities of plaque

Because plaque is invisible, it is sometimes hard for kids to understand why they need to clean their teeth. Our dental team stresses that plaque is invisible, but it’s there! And, new plaque is developing every single day. That is why it is so important that we clean our smiles even if we don’t think that they feel dirty.

2. Proper oral hygiene habits and techniques

We work hard to help our pediatric patients develop the good oral hygiene habits that they’ll need for the rest of their lives:

· Brushing their teeth morning and night

· Using a soft bristled brush so as to avoid irritating and damaging enamel and oral tissues

· Flossing every night before bed

· Brushing for at least two minutes every time that they brush

· Not swallowing toothpaste when they brush their teeth

· Using small circular motions to buff plaque from their teeth

· Making sure to brush those hard to reach back corners of their smiles

· Completing professional dental cleanings at least every six months, to receive preventive dental care

Start your child out on the right foot for enjoying a beautiful and small smile for years to come; schedule a dental consultation or appointment by calling our Toluca Lake dentists. We provide the comprehensive dental care that the whole family needs!