Keeping your smile clean and healthy doesn’t just involve brushing and flossing appropriately. Every thing that you eat and drink can affect your oral health, so you want to be mindful about your dietary habits.

There is one substance that is hugely beneficial for your smile, and, luckily, it’s readily available: water! Keep reading to learn more from our Toluca Lake dentists about how water helps people maintain optimal oral health.

You already know that it’s important to stay hydrated for whole-body health, but there are some specific ways in which water helps your smile.

First of all, when you drink water, you trigger your body to produce saliva. This is a good thing because saliva works to re-mineralize dental enamel and neutralize harmful oral bacteria. If you are chronically dehydrated, your body will not be able to produce enough saliva to keep your smile healthy. Patients who deal with chronic dry mouth, in fact, experience higher rates of cavities, gum disease, and bad breath, than those who do not suffer from dry mouth.

Another thing to consider is that, at least in the United States, water is fluoridated. This means that it has been enhanced with fluoride, a natural mineral that helps to build strong teeth. Fluoride fortifies your enamel, and makes it less susceptible to developing infections and breaking due to dental trauma.

The next time that you go to the fridge and reach for a soda or a juice, try to switch out that sugary beverage for a glass of water. Your smile will look better, feel fresher, and be stronger in the long-run.

If you want to learn more about things that you can do to better care for your smile at home, you can always contact our Toluca Lake dentists to schedule a personal consultation. Call our office to speak to a member of our team, or use the Contact Us page on our site to submit a question, and we’ll get right back to you!


Dental damage affects patients of all ages; it is an equal opportunity nuisance. You may sustain damage due to a sneaky dental infection growing out of control. Or your tooth may be fractured in an accident or sport’s mishap. No matter what the backstory, the result is the same: a tooth that is compromised, and, consequently, unstable.

The goal of restorative dental treatment is to repair the tooth so that it looks great and functions optimally again. Restorative dentistry also aims to treat the smile so that the patient does not develop any secondary infections or damage after dental trauma.

Our Toluca Lake dentists have years of experience repairing unhealthy teeth, using:

Dental resin: using a process called dental bonding, our team can apply custom-shaded resin to the patient’s tooth, and then cure the resin so that it hardens. Once the resin has bonded to the tooth it stays in place permanently, and looks just like natural enamel. The entire bonding treatment process can generally be completed in one appointment.

Porcelain restorations: dental crowns are individually crafted restorations that are designed to rebuild diminished teeth. In our office, we use CEREC technology to design, craft, and place your crown in one day. You don’t have to wait for your crown to be completed in an off-site lab, and you don’t have to bother with a temporary crown between appointments.

Dental implants: when it comes to replacing whole teeth, dental implants are the gold standard in dentistry today. These stand-alone replacement teeth actually have “roots” made of titanium screws, so they are permanently embedded in the patient’s smile. The dental implant is as close to growing a new natural tooth as you can get!

There is absolutely no reason to continue living with a damaged smile. Prompt treatment is not only aesthetically beneficial, it’s also good for your oral health. Contact our Toluca Lake dentists to schedule your persona consultation.



Most of us simply weren’t born with wisdom teeth that are well-suited to our smiles. The unfortunate truth is that we’re likely to develop inconvenient, and even uncomfortable, problems when our wisdom teeth start to come in.

Our Toluca Lake wisdom tooth dentists encourage patients to talk to their dentists about the best way to deal with their wisdom teeth; in many cases, timely extraction can help people avoid a number of oral health problems down the road.

Your wisdom teeth are the last of your teeth to come in—they’ll likely start to push through in your late teens or early twenties. The first clue that your wisdom teeth are becoming active may be a feeling of tightness or fullness in the back of your mouth, behind your molars. You may find that your gum tissue is cut or torn in these spots, as your wisdom teeth are attempting to break through.

Because wisdom teeth are so hard to reach, it is very difficult for patients to effectively clean their smiles while their wisdom teeth are intact. Your wisdom teeth, and the gum tissue surrounding your teeth, may accumulate bacterial plaque and tartar. Because bacteria release unpleasant odors, many patients who are dealing with problematic wisdom teeth suffer from chronic bad breath.

Finally, wisdom teeth can put pressure on your existing smile, and cause your teeth to shift. So, if you notice changes to your bite or dental alignment, wisdom teeth may be to blame.

Wisdom teeth that have emerged above the gumline can often be pulled, like any other tooth. Teeth that are only partially emerged, and those that are impacted in the jawbone tissue, will need to be extracted surgically. Once your wisdom teeth are taken out, your jawbone and gum tissue will heal over the extraction site.

If you think you’re dealing with wisdom tooth related issues, our Toluca Lake dentists are here to help—give us a call to schedule a consultation!