For many people, the traits that we associate with attractive smiles are also the traits that are associated with young smiles: unblemished enamel, white teeth, and a glossy appearance. You may start out with a smile that exhibits all of these traits, only to find that your teeth accumulate wear over time.

The good news is that our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentists offer effective and convenient treatment options to refresh your smile. Keep reading to learn more!

One of the most effective ways to make your smile look younger is to whiten your teeth. Professional dental whitening gels minimize existing stains, and help to restore your teeth to their previous levels of whiteness. You could, alternatively, choose to cover discolored enamel with some of type of restoration or restorative material—be it veneers or dental bonding.

You also want to make sure that you treat any existing dental damage, like accumulated cracks and chips. This type of restorative treatment is important for aesthetic reasons, and to safeguard the future health of your smile. Our team uses dental bonding, customized crowns, and veneers to make damaged teeth whole again.

Sometimes, smiles appear older because the edges of a patient’s teeth have become blunt and worn. This often occurs due to conditions like bruxism, which is characterized by chronic tooth grinding and clenching. The key to treating this issue is to build up relevant teeth with dental resin or porcelain restorations. This type of treatment can also be useful for treating bite dysfunctions, so as to prevent future damage.

The primary takeaway is that you do not have to continue living with a smile that makes you look and feel older than you are. Our Toluca Lake dentists are here to give you all of the information and support that you need, so contact our office to schedule your personal consultation with our team!



Dental enamel is strong and durable, but that doesn’t mean that it is indestructible. The truth is that a variety of things can cause teeth to wear down over time. The more you know about these factors, the better you can protect your smile from premature damage. Keep reading to learn more from our Toluca Lake dentists!

Repeated exposure to certain types of foods and drinks can weaken enamel over time. Think about it: every time you eat or drink, you coat your teeth in that substance for a period of time.

  • Acidic foods and drinks actually temporarily soften enamel and leave it vulnerable to damage; it takes about twenty to thirty minutes for enamel to re-mineralize after acid exposure.
  • Sugary substances are also potentially harmful, as they serve as fuel for harmful oral bacteria. The same bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease need sugars and refined carbohydrates to thrive.
  • Hard candies and ice can also lead to dental damage, if you have a habit of chewing these things. Chomping on hard substances can create micro-cracks and chips in the enamel, and, while these injuries are not visible to the naked eye, they undermine the structure of the tooth as a whole.

Another thing to stay alert for is habitual dental grinding or clenching; this condition is called bruxism. The tooth-on-tooth contact caused by bruxism will wear down teeth over time. In order to protect your teeth, it is crucial that you seek treatment for bruxism. Depending on the underlying cause of your bruxism, your dentist may recommend a number of treatment options, including, potentially, a protective mouth guard to wear at night.

Our Toluca Lake dentists are here to give you the help and support that you need to care for your smile long-term. Give our office a call to schedule a personal consultation with our team!


Thanks to advancements in dental technology, getting the care you need is more convenient and expedient than ever before. In fact, our Toluca Lake dentists offer some treatments that take just one day to complete. Today, we’re going to be talking about these same-day treatment options.

  • Patients who are looking to quickly refresh their smiles may benefit from professional dental whitening. Using a potent whitening gel, our dental team is able to minimize existing discoloration—often by several shades after just one treatment. Additionally, dental whitening can be repeated over time in order to intensify the results.
  • Our team also offers same-day restorative treatments like CEREC crowns. Traditionally, crowns are crafted in an off-site lab, and transported to the dentist’s office to be placed. Unfortunately, this means that patients need to schedule multiple appointments in order to complete treatment; the patients wear temporary crown in the interim. CEREC technology streamlines this entire process, allowing our dentist to craft and place restorations in just on appointment, right here in our office. CEREC crowns are high-quality, permanent restorations that are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of daily life.
  • Another quick and effective treatment for both restorative and cosmetic issues is dental bonding. During the Dental bonding process our dentist applies custom-shaded resin to the patient’s natural enamel. Bonding can be used to close gaps between teeth, repair damaged enamel, cover unsightly stains, and even make a patient’s smile look straighter. Many people choose bonding because it takes just one day to complete and it is an affordable alternative to other options, like veneers.

If you want to learn more about any of your dental treatment options, our Toluca Lake dentists are here to help you. Give our office a call, or use the Contact Us page to submit an inquiry for our team!