There are many different ways that a patient’s smile can become compromised and damaged. The truth is that if one component of your oral health is unhealthy, it will likely affect other parts of your smile. Today our Toluca Lake dentists are exploring how cavities and gum disease can intensify each other.

Your gum tissue is a critical, foundational piece of your smile. Your teeth are anchored into your jawbone by your connective tissues and gums.

Oral bacteria build up in a patient’s mouth and attack both the teeth and the gum tissue. As oral bacteria multiply, they produce harmful acids, which wear down the dental and tissue structures.

A dental cavity is a spot in the dental enamel that has been worn away and infected by oral bacteria. Once the oral bacteria have worn through the top dental enamel layer, it proceeds through the inner layers of the tooth, causing more and more problems. Ultimately this can lead to severe pain, tooth loss, and even jawbone deterioration. And, eventually, a dental cavity can infect gum tissue.

When gum tissue becomes diseased, it is likely to swell, become red and sensitive, and bleed when disturbed. Severe gum disease also spreads to the mouth’s connective tissues, which leads to tooth loss.

As you can see, gum disease and dental decay can form a harmful cycle of destruction in the mouth. In order to stop this unfortunate series of events, you need intervention from a dental professional. Our dental team can help you develop a high-quality, effective dental plan that will restore your oral health and help you maintain it for years.

Our Toluca Lake dentist office is here to give you any more information that you may need about all of your dentistry options. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


Our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentist office offers a wide number of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can improve the appearance of unsightly teeth. One of the simplest and fastest treatments available is dental bonding. Let’s talk a little bit more about what dental bonding can do for your smile—read on to learn more!

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment that involves our dentist using dental resin to cover imperfections on your dental enamel. The dental resin is shaded to blend with your natural dental enamel, so your post-treatment smile will look natural and flawless.

What kinds of cosmetic issues can dental bonding correct?

Dental bonding is quite versatile, and it can be used to fix a large number of common cosmetic problems. Do you see yourself on this list? If so, then dental bonding may be right for you!

Our dental team regularly uses dental bonding to…

· Lighten the appearance of dark or dull enamel

· Close cracks of chips in the dental enamel

· Smooth the appearance of ragged or uneven dental edges

· Resize poorly proportioned teeth

· Close small gaps between teeth

· Build up uneven bite surfaces

How long does the dental bonding process take to complete?

One of the great things about dental bonding is that this cosmetic treatment only takes one appointment for our dentist to complete, and you will see full results right away. This unique, non-invasive treatment delivers stellar results in no time.

Do you think dental bonding may be the right choice for you? If so, please feel free to give our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentist office a call to get started. When we meet for your first consultation, our dental team will be able to give you a better idea of how dental bonding can work for you.

Although it may sometimes be difficult for a parent to get his or her child to come to the dentist’s office, this exercise is vitally important to ensuring the long-term dental health of the child. The truth is that pediatric dentistry, in many ways, lays the foundation for optimum dental health down the road. Our Toluca Lake dentist office is committed to providing high-level dental care to patients of all ages. Read on to learn more about why we should prioritize dental care for children.

As I’ve said, pediatric dental care lays the foundation for strong teeth and gums down the road. Pediatric dentistry actually works on a number of levels to help your child maintain healthy teeth for years to come…

Establish good habits and behaviors

Primary teeth allow children to learn how to take care of their teeth and gums before they face the responsibility of caring for permanent teeth. You can teach your child to brush and floss effectively from a young age, so that they become comfortable maintaining a regular dental routine.

Make room for permanent teeth

Permanent teeth are able to emerge easily when they directly replace a primary tooth. If your child loses a primary tooth prematurely, their primary teeth may shift around, causing permanent teeth to come in crooked, crowded, or misaligned.

Speak easy

Primary teeth also allow children to learn to speak and enunciate easily and clearly. Missing primary teeth could cause children to develop lisps or speech impediments as they over compensate for the missing teeth.

Children should become comfortable with regular dental hygiene and professional dental cleanings from a young age. To get started with our Toluca Lake dentists, give us a call or schedule your own consultation online! We’re here to help children and their parents maintain healthy, happy smiles.