Answers To FAQs About LUMINEERS From Our Toluca Lake Cosmetic Dentist

Written by Dr. McKay on May 7, 2019

Among all of the aesthetic treatment options we offer here in our Toluca Lake cosmetic dental office, LUMINEERS and veneers may be the most versatile. Keep reading to learn more…

Why are LUMINEERS and veneers so often mentioned together?

LUMINEERS and veneers are essentially two versions of the same treatment. Both of these treatments utilize thin aesthetic restorations to cover a patient’s visible tooth structure. Both veneers and LUMINEERS are made of porcelain, and completely customizable to suit the patient’s needs.

How are LUMINEERS and veneers different from each other?

The foundational difference between veneers and LUMINEERS is that LUMINEERS are made from a specific type of porcelain called Cerinate porcelain. Because Cerinate is stronger than traditional porcelain, we are able to make LUMINEERS even thinner than veneers.

How long does it take to complete LUMINEER or veneer treatment?

For most patients, it will take two or three appointments to complete treatment. Our team will first shape and prep your teeth. We’ll then take an impression, so that we can make custom restorations designed to fit your smile. Once your veneers or LUMINEERS are complete, you’ll come in for a final appointment, so that we can permanently attach your restorations.

What is it like to live with LUMINEERS and veneers long-term?

Both of these aesthetic options are designed to fit into your daily life, which means that you won’t have to change your diet or your oral hygiene routine in order to accommodate them. With proper care, veneers and LUMINEERS can last for decades before they need to be replaced.

Are LUMINEERS or veneers right for me?

Many types of patients are good candidates for aesthetic restorations. If you are interested in closing gaps between your teeth, lengthening short enamel, covering dental discoloration, or making your smile appear more seamless, then veneers or LUMINEERS may be right for you. When you meet with our team for a consultation, we’ll talk to you about your dental goals, and assess your smile to ensure that it is healthy enough to support veneers or LUMINEERS.

To learn more about veneers, LUMINEERS, or any other aesthetic treatment option, please contact our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentists!