Root Canals in Burbank, CA

Don't let fear and anxiety keep you from getting the root canal treatment you need.

Dr. McKay and Dr. Albus can help you reclaim your dental health with comfortable root canal therapy!

Root canal therapy is a critical dental treatment for many patients with dental decay. Root canal therapy can save the health, appearance, and functionality of a damaged tooth. Without this important treatment, one infected tooth can cause rampant infection throughout the mouth—affecting other teeth, gum tissue, connective tissues, and bone. During root canal therapy our Toluca Lake dentists will clear away the infected dental pulp or “core” of your damaged tooth. They will then seal the tooth with a filling to ensure the tooth’s stability.

Why do so many patients in trust Toluca Lake dentists Dr. McKay and Dr. Albus for root canal treatment?

Immediate Results

Our Toluca Lake dental team knows that you’re busy, so we work to make root canal treatment as quick and efficient as possible. We want to help you get the treatment you need and get on with your life! We’re able to place dental crowns in just one day using innovative CEREC crown technology.

When a tooth has sustained significant damage it may need a crown (also known as a cap) or a partial crown (also known as an inlay or onlay). Traditionally, getting a crown could take several appointments—and in between appointments patients had to bother with temporary crowns.  Now, however, our office can use innovative CEREC crowns (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) to place a new crown in just one visit.

We start by simply taking a 3-D image of the damaged tooth. We can then mill the restoration, in-office, in a matter of minutes. After we create the restoration we permanently seat your natural-looking, tooth-colored crown—all in the same appointment. You won’t have to wear a temporary crown and schedule multiple appointments to get a healthy smile again.

Drs. Albus and McKay can help you decide if a CEREC crown is right for your particular dental issue.

Experience and Expertise

Our office has years of experience performing root canals and helping patients regain healthy teeth. You’ll know that you’re in good hands with our root canal dental team. Trust your dental health to Drs. McKay and Albus—we’ve helped so many patients reclaim their healthy, beautiful teeth—we can help you too!

Comfortable Care

Many patients are initially concerned when they consider root canal therapy, but our Toluca Lake dental office can make your treatment gentle and comfortable. Our patients report that root canal therapy is no more painful than having a traditional filling!

Root Canal Therapy

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