Discover How Top Notch Dental Technology in Toluca Lake Can Help You

Written by Dr. McKay on Nov 17, 2015

When it comes to caring for, and improving your smile, top-notch dental technology can make all of these treatments faster and easier than ever before. Our Toluca Lake dentists have made it a priority to integrate the latest dental tools and techniques into our dental practice. Let’s take a look at some of the dental advancements we regularly use…

CEREC Crowns

Dental crowns can save your tooth and your smile if you have experienced severe dental damage or infection. CEREC technology enables our dental team to craft your crown right here in our office, during your dental appointment. This means that we can measure for, craft, fit, and place your crown in just one appointment—no temporary crown necessary.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. These stand-alone replacement teeth are designed to closely mimic the look and structure of natural teeth. That means that every dental implant has a titanium root, to take the place of the natural tooth root, as well as a sturdy and attractive crown. Dental implants are the most modern, innovative replacement teeth available today.

Porcelain Lumineers

Just like traditional dental veneers, Lumineers are cosmetic restorations that totally resurface teeth in order to give the smile a fresh and new appearance. However, Lumineers are made of Cerinate porcelain, so they are crafted to be even thinner than traditional veneers. This means that Lumineers are less bulky than conventional veneers, so our dental team does not need to shave away as much tooth material in order to place them.

Our Toluca Lake dentists have found that using the latest dental technologies has made all of the difference for our patients. If you want to learn more about what kinds of treatments are available, and how they can help your smile, please feel free to reach out to our dental team!