Get More Information About Dental Implant Roots From Our Toluca Lake Dental Implant Dentist

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 17, 2014

When patients consider tooth replacement options, they often prioritize a few key attributes:

· Attractive end results

· Strong, functional prosthetics

· Long-term results

· Oral health supporting features

There is one replacement tooth treatment that meets all of these criteria—the dental implant. Our Toluca Lake dental implant dentists are here to help you understand the importance of the dental implant as a whole, as well as the benefits of the dental implant root, specifically.

A single dental implant—while it may appear as one continuous restoration— is made up of three different parts, attached vertically. These parts are the dental crown, abutment, and implant root. The implant root is the base of the entire implant, and it helps the patient achieve long-term restorative results.

For example, the implant root:

· Stops the replacement tooth from moving at all, even when the patient is eating or speaking. And dental implants do not require dental adhesive or metal brackets in order to be stable.

· Fortifies the natural jawbone, so that the patient does not suffer from jawbone deterioration at the site of tooth loss.

· Stays in place permanently—with proper care dental implants may be able to stay in top shape for decades.

· Helps keep natural teeth adjacent to the dental implant from moving or shifting along the gum line.

The dental implant root makes the dental implant far superior to dentures and bridges. Patients report fewer problems and greater long-term satisfaction when they choose a dental implant over other conventional tooth replacement solutions.

Our Toluca Lake dental implant dentist office provides patients with the information and guidance that they need to restore their damaged smiles. We can help you as well—just contact our friendly staff by phone or online to get started on your way to a healthy and attractive smile.