Get Your Dream Smile With A Smile Makeover From Our Toluca Lake Cosmetic Dentist

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 6, 2018

Patients come to our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentist because they know that we can transform patients’ smiles using the latest in dental technology. If you want to learn more about how we take smiles to the next level, keep reading!

The first step in any dental transformation process is to meet with the patient and find out exactly what the patient wants to perfect about his or her smile. Once we get to know our patients, we can recommend dental treatments that cater to their exact needs.

If you want to straighten your smile, for example, we can help you with orthodontic or non-orthodontic options. Invisalign aligners apply consistent pressure to your teeth in order to move your smile into better alignment. If, however, you don’t want to wait for orthodontic treatment to take effect, cosmetic restorations may be your answer. LUMINEERS, which are thin porcelain restorations, will cover your natural, misaligned teeth with seamless porcelain.

Additionally, we offer cosmetic treatments that will lighten the appearance of a dull or dark smile. Teeth whitening treatments work to brighten natural dental enamel. LUMINEERS can cover all types of dental discoloration and dental damage. Both of these treatments are fast, effective, and comfortable.

So many patients are looking for new ways to improve their smiles, which is why our dental team offers a wide number of treatment options to suit individual patients. The best way to find out whether you can benefit from our customized cosmetic solutions is to schedule a consultation with our dental team. Once we speak with you and evaluate your smile, we can tailor your treatments to your teeth.

To get started, call our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentist office, and speak to our friendly dental team. We can give you all of the information you need to rejuvenate your smile.