Helpful Tips From Our Toluca Lake Dentists To Improve Dental Aesthetics

Written by Dr. McKay on Oct 13, 2020

Are you ready to improve the appearance of your smile? Now is the time to get some more information about what kinds of cosmetic treatments are available to you! Learn more by reading this short overview of treatment goals from our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentists

Address Dental Damage Now

If you have already sustained dental damage, such as cavities, gum disease, or cracked or chipped teeth, it is imperative that we correct these health issues before or during cosmetic treatment. Improving the appearance of your smile without addressing damage will only leave you susceptible to future oral health problems.

Whiten And Brighten Teeth

When your smile is young, and your dental enamel is thick and strong, your teeth will probably appear to be some shade of white. Unfortunately, as time goes on dental enamel can thin, and environmental stains accumulate. The good news is that our dentists can help to turn back the clock with either topical whitening treatments, cosmetic restorations, dental bonding, or some combination thereof.

Pay Attention To Proportion & Shape

Sometimes our teeth develop disproportionately, or we have gum tissue that is overgrown or uneven. In these cases, our dental team shapes and refines irregular edges, poorly proportioned teeth, and unbalanced oral tissues in order to bring your smile back into harmony.  

Straightening crooked and crowded teeth, as well as closing gaps in your smile, can also improve dental symmetry. Orthodontic treatment is designed to actually move your individual teeth into better positions, while cosmetic treatments like veneers cover unsightly teeth with customized restorations.

If you feel like any of these treatments can be helpful to you, our Toluca Lake aesthetic dentists are here to help you make the right decision for you. To get started, call our dental team at (818) 846-3831 or use our Contact Page to submit a question and your contact information.