If You’re Thinking About Getting Dental Implants Get The Facts From Our Toluca Lake Dentists 

Written by Dr. McKay on Mar 29, 2016

If you are dealing with tooth loss, our Toluca Lake dentists can help you get your smile back on track with restorative dentistry. The most important decision that you will have to make is what type of dental prosthetic to use to replace your missing tooth or teeth.

Today our dental team is explaining the basics of one tooth replacement treatment—the dental implant. We hope that this information helps you understand what dental implants can do for you!

Here are some good-to-know facts about dental implants:

· These replacement teeth are used to replace individual missing teeth. This means that you can use a single implant to replace one tooth, or multiple implants to suit your unique needs

· Every dental implant has a titanium root, which extends into the patient’s jawbone. This titanium root replaces the (missing) natural tooth root.

· Dental implants stay in place permanently and are not removable by the patient

· The titanium root of the implant bonds to the patient’s natural jawbone tissue through a process called osseointegration

· Dental implant crowns are customized—size, shape, and color—to suit each individual patient

· It is easy to care for dental implants; you will simply brush, floss, and complete professional dental cleanings as recommended by your dentist

· Dental implants allow you to eat and drink your favorite things

· With proper care dental implants can last for decades before they need to be repaired or replaced

· Dental implant roots can also be used, without the implant crown, to hold other dental prosthetics, like dentures, in place permanently

If you have questions about any restorative treatments, especially dental implants, our Toluca Lake restorative dentists can absolutely give you the information and the guidance that you need. Please feel free to give us a call—we look forward to speaking with you!