Learn More About How Popular Drinks Impact Oral Health

Written by Dr. McKay on Jan 21, 2020

One of the easiest ways that you can make a big difference when it comes to your dental health is to pay attention to what you’re drinking throughout the day. Today, our Toluca Lake dentists are sharing some information about how various beverages affect oral health.

Soft drinks: soft drinks of all kinds are loaded with sugars. Additionally, dark colas contain discoloring agents that can leave unsightly discoloration on the patient’s dental enamel.

Coffee: as a deeply dark-colored beverage, coffee is a key culprit when it comes to dental staining and discoloration.

Tea: tea is also a main cause of tooth discoloration for many people. However, some types of tea, especially green tea, have been shown to inhibit bacteria production and promote strong oral health.

Wine: because wine is so acidic, regular consumption can cause your dental enamel to weaken and thin. Additionally, red wine is very staining. Finally, wine is slightly dehydrating, which creates an ideal environment for oral bacteria to flourish.

Energy drinks: while we think of these types of drinks as being somewhat healthy, the truth is that most of them contain as much, if not more, sugar as soft drinks. For most people, it is a better decision, in terms of oral and whole-body health, to reach for water rather than an energy drink.

The number one best beverage for your smile is water. Water rinses dental debris and plaque from your smile, and jump-starts saliva production. So, every time that you are able to replace one of the above-mentioned drinks with water, you are safeguarding your smile for the future.

If you have any additional questions about making healthy decisions for your smile, you can always reach out to our Toluca Lake dentists to schedule a personal consultation. We are here to help you!