Learn More From Our Toluca Lake Dentist About Choosing The Right Dental Tools

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 2, 2022

The efficacy of your daily oral hygiene routine is important to achieving and maintaining a healthy and attractive smile. That is why our Toluca Lake dentists have put together this short article about picking the right dental tools. Keep reading to learn more about factors to keep in mind… 

Commonly Used Tools

You’re probably already familiar with the basic oral hygiene tools we recommend to clean your smile—a toothbrush and floss! Toothbrushes are designed to buff away sticky plaque, and floss works between your teeth and down into your gum line to dislodge dental debris and bacteria. Your dental team can give you a better idea of whether a specific type of brush (for example, electric) is recommended for your smile.


When you are choosing your toothbrush and floss, you want to make sure to pay attention to how well they fit your mouth. The head of your toothbrush, for example, should be small enough to reach your back molars. Likewise, flosses come in a variety of widths; try to choose a width of floss that fits between all of your teeth. Remember, these oral hygiene tools can’t work unless they can reach your teeth and gums!


You also want to consider how abrasive or rough your cleaning tool is; the general rule is to use the gentlest option available without sacrificing effectiveness. Toothbrush bristles, for example, come in everything from “soft” to “extra firm.” Talk to your dental team about what type of bristle may be right for you.

So, there you have it! If you think it may be time to upgrade your oral hygiene routine, our Toluca Lake dentists are here to help you. Just give our team a call to get started!