Learn More From Our Toluca Lake Dentists About Managing Cold Sores

Written by Dr. McKay on Sep 29, 2020

Cold sores always seem to pop up at the least opportune times in our lives (even more so because they are often brought on by periods of stress). Unfortunately, there is no cure for the virus that causes cold sores, HSV-1. However, there are things that you can do to minimize complications from cold sores, promote healing, and stay comfortable. Keep reading to learn more from our Toluca Lake dentists

  1. For once, it’s best not to share

If you are experiencing symptoms of an HSV-1 outbreak, it is important that you refrain from sharing foods, drinks, lip products, and oral hygiene tools. Kissing can likewise spread the virus. Keep in mind that there are medications available to decrease your chance of spreading HSV-1; talk to your dentist to find out if these medications are appropriate for you.

  1. Nurture damaged skin

Cold sores can be quite uncomfortable. The good news is that there are gels and creams available to help soothe irritated tissues. Many over-the-counter formulations also contain ingredients that help to numb sensitive tissues and reduce swelling.

  1. Don’t pick

A cold sore can be both annoying and an eye sore, which is why it may be tempting to try to remove damaged and unsightly tissues. However, in order to promote healing, you should leave irritated tissue alone as much as possible. Picking at a sore makes it harder for your body to heal, and it makes it more likely that you’ll develop a scar from the sore.

As always our Toluca Lake dentists are available and happy to provide you with additional guidance and information. Above all, remember that cold sores are common among adults, and that they will go away with enough time and patience. You are not alone!