Our Toluca Lake Dentist Reviews How & Why Sensitivity Develops

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 1, 2022

It’s important to get dental sensitivity relief as soon possible, because tooth discomfort can actually be a sign that your smile is infected or damaged. If you are dealing with increased sensitivity our pain, our Toluca Lake dentists are here to help you get the treatment you need. Keep reading to learn more about the underlying causes of sensitivity…

  • Dental Infection

The bacteria in your mouth can cause damage to teeth if they aren’t taken care of. A cavity will eat through a tooth and reach the dental core, at which point you will certainly notice tooth pain and sensitivity. Please seek prompt treatment if you suspect you’re dealing with infections from oral microorganisms!

  • Enamel Erosion

If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity and enamel erosion, there are a few things that may be causing it. Tooth-on-tooth contact can cause your enamel to wear down over time due to abrasion. Additionally, acidic foods and drinks cause enamel to soften and degrade. You also want to make sure that you aren’t brushing too aggressively or with a brush that is too harsh for your smile. The goal is to maintain as much healthy enamel as possible for as long as possible.

  • Receding Gums

In a healthy smile, gum tissue covers sensitive dental roots and nerves, effectively shielding your nerves from irritants and bacteria. If, however, your gum tissue is infected and breaking down, you’ll notice that your gums pull away from your teeth. The resulting gaps between gum tissue and tooth material expose dental nerves in the roots of the teeth.

Our Toluca Lake dentists want to encourage you to reach out for support an oral health assessment at the first sign of dental sensitivity. Remember, prompt care can save you a lot of pain, hassle, and money down the road!