Our Toluca Lake Dentists Review Some Of the Commonly Used Ingredients In Oral Hygiene Products

Written by Dr. McKay on Dec 5, 2017

With so many oral hygiene products on the market today, it can sometimes be difficult for patients to figure out which toothpastes and mouth rinses they should be using. That’s why our Toluca Lake dentist are here to give you the information you need to properly assess your oral hygiene options. Keep reading to learn more about commonly used ingredients in oral hygiene products, and remember that you can always reach out to our dentists for additional guidance.

Many toothpastes contain mild and appropriately gentle abrasive agents; these abrasive ingredients help you buff away plaque and dental debris when you brush your smile. You may see calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, silicates, and phosphate salts included in toothpastes for this very reason.

Toothpastes and mouth rinses also include ingredients to help minimize your risk of developing cavities. Oral bacteria attack your enamel throughout the day, and you want to give your dental enamel all of the resources it needs to stay strong and resilient. Fluoride is an indispensable ingredient in toothpastes and mouth rinses because this naturally-occurring mineral works to fortify teeth, and promote enamel re-mineralization.

As more and more people prioritize dental aesthetics, there are an increasing number of toothpastes and mouth rinses with whitening agents included in them. These formulations help to minimize environmental stains over time. The two ingredients you’re likely to see for whitening are carbamide and hydrogen peroxide. Because these ingredients are used in small amounts so as to be safe for daily use, it’s crucial that you continue using them for an extended period of time in order to see full results.

The next time that you’re shopping for oral hygiene products, take a second to look at the ingredient lists. And remember, you can reach out to our Toluca Lake dentists for more information and to schedule a personal consultation with our team. We look forward to speaking with you!