Our Toluca Lake Sedation Dentist Explains Why We Use Sedation Treatments In Different Situations

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 22, 2017

Our dental team understands that dentistry can be stressful and even overwhelming for many people. That is why we are so happy to offer sedation treatments that are effective and patient-friendly. Today our Toluca Lake sedation dentists are reviewing a few scenarios in which sedation is often utilized. As you read through this article, consider whether any of these sedation applications may be useful for you.

The first reason to consider sedation treatment is if you suffer from debilitating dental anxiety. Some people become so stressed at the thought of dental treatment that they cannot even make it into our office. Oral conscious sedation can help you gain the confidence and sense of calm that you need to undergo treatment. When you choose oral conscious sedation, you’ll simply swallow a small sedative pill about an hour before your appointment. By the time that you come in for treatment, you’ll feel relaxed and untroubled.

Sedation treatment is also indispensable when people are undergoing treatments that are quite extensive, and may be uncomfortable. Again, oral conscious sedation may be used as a preliminary sedation treatment prior to our team administering a local anesthetic. Because oral conscious sedation has amnesic qualities, patients do not remember the treatment experience once the effects of sedation have worn off.

Another benefit of using sedation is that, as a patient, you will not feel fatigued or overwhelmed in the dentist’s chair. In many cases, this allows our dental team to complete a greater number of dental treatments in fewer appointments. Sedation may be able to help you expedite your treatment process.

Want to learn more? Our Toluca Lake sedation dentists are happy to walk you through the sedation process, and give you more information about your treatment options. Give us a call, or us the Contact Us page on our website to get started!