Our Toluca Lake Sedation Dentist Reviews Some Common Scenarios In Which Sedation Dentistry Is Used

Written by Dr. McKay on Jul 18, 2017

Sedation dentistry has vastly improved the dental treatment experience for many patients. Our Toluca Lake sedation dentists are committed to helping our patients have the best experiences possible in the dentist’s chair; in some scenarios, sedation dentistry makes all the difference. Today we’re going to be reviewing some cases in which sedation treatment can be beneficial. Keep reading to learn more!

There are two types of sedation that are popular and commonly used in the world of dentistry. Nitrous oxide treatment, also known as laughing gas, is inhaled by the patient prior to treatment, so that the patient feels relaxed and comfortable. Oral conscious sedation, on the other hand, involves the patient taking a small pill at home about an hour before the patient’s appointment.

Perhaps the most obvious reason that people turn to sedation treatment is to minimize pain associated with treatment. This can be especially necessary for patients who are undergoing multi-phased restorative treatment or smile transformations.

Sedation therapy can also be empowering for patients who suffer from dental fear and anxiety. For some people, dental anxiety is so intense that they cannot even make it to their appointments. Oral conscious sedation, in particular, is beneficial for these patients because it allows anxious patients to relax before they even leave their houses.

It may actually be faster and more efficient for you to achieve your ideal smile with the aid of sedation. In general, our team is able to complete a greater number of treatments in one appointment when the patient is using sedation; this is because sedation keeps the patient from becoming tense and fatigued as quickly in the dentist’s chair. If you want to minimize the number of appointments it takes to restore your smile, sedation may be able to help.

As always, our Toluca Lake sedation dentists are happy to answer any questions you may have about the sedation treatments that we offer as well as the situations for which we often recommend relaxation treatments. Give us a call to speak to our dental team and to schedule a personal consultation; you don’t have to wait to get a healthy smile.