3 Tips From Our Toluca Lake Dentists To Help You Brush Better

Written by Dr. McKay on May 12, 2020

Are you ready to take your at-home oral hygiene to the next level? There are some simple tips and tricks from our Toluca Lake dentist that will improve your brushing power right away.

Pick the Right Brush

One of the most important considerations to prioritize is the size of the toothbrush that you are using. The head of your toothbrush needs to be small enough to reach the back corners of your mouth. A brush that is too large will inhibit your ability to clean your molars and the gum tissue that surrounds them.

You also want to pick a brush that has the appropriate type of bristles for your smile. Toothbrushes are made with a number of different types of bristles, ranging from soft to extra firm. The general rule is that you want to use the softest bristle possible without sacrificing effectiveness.

Take A Look At Technique

The proper way to brush is to use small circular motions as you apply gentle pressure to your teeth and oral tissues. Brushing your smile too aggressively may lead to dental erosion and gum tissue damage and/or recession.

Be Thorough

While we often refer to cleaning your smile as “brushing your teeth,” the truth is that you really want to be clearing plaque from your whole mouth. Take the time to brush your tongue every day and night, or use a tongue scraper to reduce plaque accumulation.

Another aspect of being thorough is ensuring that you spend enough time cleaning your smile morning and night. The general recommendation is that patients brush for about two minutes twice a day. If you aren’t sure how long you’ve been brushing, try setting a timer to get used to cleaning for two minutes.

Implement these changes when you brush your smile tonight, and please reach out to our Toluca Lake dentists if you have any questions!