Restorative Treatment From Our Toluca Lake Dentists Can Transform Your Smile

Written by Dr. McKay on Jul 28, 2015

Even the most damaged smiles can be restored thanks to the marvels of modern dentistry. Our Toluca Lake dentists make it a priority to integrate the latest dental techniques and technologies into our practice. This allows us to treat complex dental problems effectively and efficiently.

Here are some of the ways that we transform damaged smiles.

1. Replace missing teeth

This is such an important one: when a patient is missing teeth he or she is at risk for a host of other oral health problems. Our dental team replaces lost teeth, thereby restoring the appearance and the functionality of the patient’s smile.

· Dental implants: these stand-alone replacement teeth look like individual teeth. Each implant has a root and a realistic looking dental crown that goes on top.

· Dentures: these dental prosthetics are used to replace a whole set of missing teeth. Dentures can either be removable—in which case they sit on top of the gum tissue and are secured with dental adhesive, or they can be grounded into the jawbone with small implant roots.

2. Repair damaged teeth

When a tooth is fractured or damaged (this can also be the result of an infection), our dental team can restore the tooth with…

· Dental bonding—using dental resin our dental team can fill in cracks and fractures.

· Crowns: these restorations are used to rebuild a tooth after it is damaged, or after our dental team eliminates the infected portion of the tooth.

· Root canal therapy: this treatment is used to extract diseased dental material—down through the tooth roots—to save a damaged tooth.

No matter what the current state of your smile, don’t give up on your teeth! With the help of our Toluca Lake dentists, you can rediscover your beautiful and healthy smile.