Toluca Lake CEREC Dentist Answers Questions About CEREC Crowns

Written by Dr. McKay on Sep 10, 2013

CEREC crown technology allows our Toluca Lake dentist to fashion and place your crown in our office. This technology makes it significantly easier for patients to get the restorative treatments they need. As more and more people are hearing about CEREC technology, many people have been calling our office to get more information about how CEREC works. So today we are going to answer some of the questions that we have received.

Q: How long does it take to have a CEREC crown placed?
A: CEREC technology allows our dentist to place your crown in just one appointment. We can mill your crown in-office as you go through your appointment. Once your crown is placed you will be ready to resume your regular life!

Q: Will I have to wear a temporary crown at all during treatment?

A: No, the purpose of CEREC treatment is to make ill-fitting temporary crowns unnecessary. Because you can have your crown made and placed before you leave the office, you will have no reason to wear a temporary crown while you wait for your “real” crown to be ready.

Q: How long do CEREC crowns last once they are applied on the teeth? Is this something that needs to be replaced often?

A: CEREC crowns are crafted to be as durable and long lasting as standard crowns. This is not a temporary or stopgap solution. With proper care you should be able to go for over a decade before your crown needs to be replaced.

If you need a dental crown, CEREC technology will help you meet your dental goals quickly and comfortably. To learn more about how CEREC works, call our Toluca Lake CEREC dentist office, or contact us online. We will be happy to help you decide whether CEREC crowns are right for you and your smile.