Toluca Lake CEREC Dentist Explains the Advantages of CEREC Crowns

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 11, 2013

Our Glendale dentist office is always striving to make dental care as easy, convenient, and comfortable for our patients as possible. One of the technologies that we use to help our patients is CEREC technology. Today we are talking about how CEREC works, and what it can do for you!

CEREC stands for “chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics.” You may have previously heard of this technology referred to as “same day crowns technology.” That is because CEREC technology allows our dentist to craft your dental crowns in-office, during your appointment!

Traditional crowns require the patient to come in for two separate dental appointments. At the first appointment the dentist prepares the tooth and takes a mold of the tooth to make the crown. Then the crown is manufactured off-site, and sent to the dentist’s office. Once the crown has arrived in your dentist’s office, you will come in again for a final fitting and for your crown to be attached. This process requires patients to wear temporary crowns in between their first and second appointments. Unfortunately, these temporary crowns are often ill fitting and unreliable.

CEREC eliminates the need for multiple dental appointments and for temporary crowns. CEREC technology allows our dentist to mill your crown out of porcelain while you are still in the office. You can come in with a damaged tooth and leave the office the same day with a restored smile.

CEREC technology has made it easier than ever before to get the restorative dental treatment that you need to have a healthy and beautiful smile. If you want to learn more about what CEREC crowns can do, give our Toluca Lake CEREC dentist office a call to schedule your consultation and get started! Discover how easy it is to get a healthy, attractive smile.