Toluca Lake CEREC Dentist Office Corrects Dental Damage in Just One Appointment

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 4, 2014

When you need a dental crown, the last thing that you want to do is wait for weeks to have your smile restored. Our Toluca Lake dentist office is committed to helping our patients get the treatment they need exactly when they need it. That is why we are so happy to offer CEREC technology to our patients. Read on to learn more about what CEREC dentistry can do for you…

What is CEREC technology?

CEREC technology basically allows our dentist to craft and place your dental crown in just one appointment. With CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology our dental team can treat your tooth, take measurements for your dental crown, and then mill your porcelain crown all in the same appointment. You will leave our office with a complete and functional crown.

How does the CEREC process differ from standard crowns?

The primary difference between receiving a CEREC crown and a standard crown is the length of treatment time. While CEREC crowns are fabricated and placed in just one appointment, standard crowns are crafted outside of the office.

This means that the patient must come in for an initial appointment, during which his or her tooth is prepared for the crown and an impression is taken. Then the patient has to wait until their crown is complete, before coming in for the final fitting and crown application. In the week or two between these two appointments the patient wears a temporary crown. Unfortunately, these temporary crowns generally do not fit well, and can be cumbersome.

CEREC technology makes it easier and more comfortable than ever before to get the dental crowns you need. Call our Toluca Lake CEREC dentist office to learn more about this exciting technology and to get started by scheduling your own dental consultation!