Toluca Lake Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Different Ways To Address Common Aesthetics Issues

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 7, 2018

It is very common for dental patients to develop aesthetic issues as time goes on. Now, however, thanks to advancements in the world of dentistry, cosmetic problems don’t have to plague you forever. Today, our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentists are going to be reviewing various treatment options for common cosmetic complaints. We hope that this information helps you visualize what’s possible with cosmetic dentistry!

Let’s say, for example, that you have noticed that your smile is looking dark or stained. Our dental team will guide you through your treatment options, so that you can find a solution that meets all of your needs. Professional teeth whitening, for example, is used to lighten natural dental enamel, and return it to its previous shade. There are additional treatments that cover unsightly enamel with fresh, white, and natural-looking materials like dental resin and porcelain.

You also have options if you’re looking to make your smile appear straighter. Using Invisalign, you can perfect the alignment of your natural teeth. Invisalign allows patients to meet their orthodontic goals without resorting to metal brackets or wires. Alternatively, you may choose to undergo dental bonding or porcelain veneer application, both of which can build out individual teeth so that the smile looks better aligned and seamless. When you assess your treatment options, you’ll want to consider your ideal timeline, your budget, and what type of post-treatment maintenance you’re comfortable with.

Many cosmetic dentistry patients end up combining aesthetic treatment options in order to achieve their desired results. Our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentists are here to walk you through your treatment options, so that we can ultimately build an aesthetic plan that works for you as an individual. The easiest way to get started is to call our dental team and schedule a personal consultation. You can also use the Contact Us page on our website to submit a question for our dentists. We look forward to speaking with you!