Toluca Lake Cosmetic Dentist Explains How the Preparation Processes are Different for LUMINEERS and Veneers Treatments

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 4, 2014

When you have a LUMINEER or veneer placed on your teeth, you are adding a certain amount of porcelain to the width of your tooth. In order to make room for your porcelain restorations, our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentists will alter your natural tooth slightly before placement.

How do we prepare for LUMINEERS and veneers treatment? The preparation is easier than you may imagine….

For both LUMINEERS and veneers treatment, our dental team will shave off a thin layer of dental enamel before we place your LUMINEER or veneer. When we shave off this enamel we can administer local anesthesia to keep you comfortable and calm. This treatment is quick and easy!

If you are having a LUMINEER placed, we’ll remove less enamel than we would if you are having a veneer placed. This is because LUMINEERS are thinner than dental veneers, so we need to remove only a small amount of enamel to ensure that the LUMINEER fits comfortably and does not look bulky. Because veneers are crafted from thicker porcelain, we will remove more dental enamel to ensure that your veneers fit in your mouth correctly. For this reason LUMINEERS are reversible, while porcelain veneers are not.

After shaping your teeth we’ll take an impression of your mouth so that we can craft your LUMINEER or veneer. Because we take the impression after altering your enamel, your LUMINEER or veneer will be guaranteed to fit snugly on your tooth.

As you can see, the preparation processes for LUMINEERS and veneers are both quick and comfortable. With proper preparation and placement, your LUMINEERS and veneers can last for years to come. Give our Toluca Lake dental office a call to learn more or to plan your cosmetic consultation. We’re here to walk you through your cosmetic options and help you pick a treatment that works for your smile.