Toluca Lake Cosmetic Dentist Reviews How Our Dentists Achieve Smile Transformations

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 4, 2014

One unique treatment option that our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentist offers is total smile transformation treatment. This treatment protocol involves combining dental treatments to enhance the appearance of a patient’s smile. So what kinds of treatments can we use to help you achieve your dream smile?

Treatments that make your smile look whiter

If you are suffering from dark, dull, or stained teeth, we can help you! Teeth whitening treatment lightens natural dental enamel with highly effective gels. LUMINEERS are used to cover existing teeth—so no matter how dark your teeth look, bright, white LUMINEERS will rejuvenate your smile. Dental bonding can likewise mask dark teeth.

Cosmetic treatments to straighten your smile

Misaligned teeth can be corrected with a number of different dental treatments. Clear Invisalign aligners will straighten your natural teeth, and close gaps between your teeth. LUMINEERS and dental bonding can make your smile look straighter without the use of orthodontics. Both of these treatments cover your natural teeth with porcelain and dental resin, respectively.

Cosmetic options to make your teeth appear more proportionate

Some patients suffer from teeth that are too small, or oddly proportioned. The good news is that we can build up the appearance of small or misshapen teeth using effective cosmetic treatments. LUMINEERS are whole dental restorations that cover natural teeth—they are shaped and sized to suit each patient’s needs. Our dentist can also use dental bonding to build up existing teeth and make them look more balanced.

Our dental team uses these treatments and many more to help patients achieve their dental goals.

If you have more questions about how you can achieve a total smile transformation, please contact our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentist. We will tailor your treatment plan to enhance your specific smile—your dream smile is closer than you think!