Toluca Lake Cosmetic Dentist Uses Dental Bonding to Transform Unsightly Teeth

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 4, 2014

You try your best to take care of your teeth—brushing and flossing regularly—but you still find that your smile is starting to look lack luster. What can you do? One popular cosmetic option—dental bonding—can help you restore the appearance of your smile quickly and comfortably. Our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentist office is proud to offer this treatment to our patients. We have found that dental bonding can help you reach your cosmetic dental goals without disrupting your life.

The dental bonding process involves our dentist applying dental resin to damaged or unsightly portions of your teeth. Dental resin can completely cover superficial dental issues, and it can also repair structural problems in the tooth. So you can use dental bonding to…

· Lighten the appearance of hard-to-treat darkened enamel

· Fill in cracks and chips in your teeth

· Fill in spaces between teeth

· Repair broken or jagged edges of your teeth

· Make short or poorly proportioned teeth appear longer and balanced

Because dental resin is shaded to match your existing tooth color, your dental bonding will blend with your smile and look natural. You really won’t be able to tell where your dental bonding ends and your dental enamel begins!

Dental bonding is especially useful for patients who are looking to achieve significant cosmetic results in a short period of time. Dental bonding is one of the few cosmetic treatments that is capable of transforming your smile in only one dental appointment. You won’t have to wait for months or years to see the results you want—you can walk out of our dental office with the smile you’ve been dreaming of!

Do you want to learn more about how dental bonding works? If so, call our Toluca Lake dentist office to get started by scheduling your personal consultation.