Toluca Lake Dental Implant Dentist Responds To Inquiries About Dental Implant Technology

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 19, 2015

When you lose a tooth, you do not have to suffer from the aesthetic and health problems that usually accompany tooth loss. The marvels of modern restorative dentistry allow you, as the patient, to enjoy a complete, restored smile even after dental damage.

In our Toluca Lake dentist office we have helped so many patients achieve oral health with dental implants. Today we are addressing patient questions about this technology.

Q: I’ve heard that dental implants are made to “be like teeth,” what does this mean?

A: You may have heard this because dental implants are patterned off of the structure of real teeth. Basically, a dental implant has a root—made of titanium—that fills the space of the natural tooth root. Dental implants are the only replacement teeth that include a replacement root.

Q: What is the visible portion of the dental implant like?

A: As a dental patient, you want to make sure that your replacement tooth blends with your existing smile. The visible portion of the dental implant—called the crown—is made of porcelain, so it looks like real enamel. And don’t worry: the dental implant crown is customized to suit each individual patient. This includes shading the porcelain, shaping it, and sizing it appropriately.

Q: I have been without a tooth for a long time, could dental implants still work for me?

A: Yes, dental implants may be a viable solution for you! Sometimes patients who have suffered from tooth loss for a while suffer from decreased jawbone density. So we may need to reinforce your bone tissue before dental implant insertion.

No matter what the current state of your smile, our Toluca Lake dental implant dentists can help you achieve oral health once again. So call our dental team or use our website to contact our friendly dental team.