Toluca Lake dental implant dentists explains great features of these replacement teeth

Written by Dr. McKay on Sep 23, 2014

When you think about it, our teeth are pretty amazing tools given to us by nature. Our teeth allow us to eat and drink, as well as enunciate to communicate. When patients begin to lose teeth, they suffer both aesthetically and functionally. That is why people suffering from tooth loss really need to find restorative dental options to replace critical teeth.

There is one type of replacement tooth that really looks to nature to solve the problem of tooth loss: the dental implant. Every dental implant is designed with a similar structure to a natural tooth. Basically, this means that every dental implant has a titanium root that takes the place of the natural tooth base and roots.

The dental implant’s useful structure makes it hugely beneficial for dental patients because:

· The replacement tooth that sits on top of the titanium root stays securely in place permanently. When you eat, speak, and talk, you can do so confidently, with your dental implant in place.

· The titanium root of your implant will help to support your existing bone tissue and keep it strong. Over time this can help to prevent further tooth loss and destabilization.

· You don’t have to worry about using any additional products, like a dental adhesive, in order to keep your replacement tooth in place.

· Once your dental implant is inserted, you just have to care for it as you already care for your other natural teeth. Dental implants fit in seamlessly with the patient’s normal dental hygiene routine.

Keeping your smile healthy and attractive after tooth loss can be quite a challenge. Dental implants make it easier than ever before for people to bounce back after dental damage. So contact our Toluca Lake dental implant dentists if you think that this type of treatment might help you.