Toluca Lake Dentist Addresses Patient Questions About Professional Dental Care

Written by Dr. McKay on May 28, 2013

Many patients who are careful to take care of their teeth at home still neglect to see a dentist for a professional dental cleaning every six months. Unfortunately, neglecting professional cleanings often leads to gum disease, dental decay, and even tooth loss. That’s why our Toluca Lake dentist office encourages every patient to maintain a regular schedule of professional dental cleanings. Read on to learn more…

Q: Why is it so important that a dentist cleans my teeth when I already clean my teeth everyday?

A: A dentist is simply able to clean your mouth more thoroughly and effectively than you can on your own. Everyday patients try to clean plaque from their teeth and gums to prevent cavities and gum disease. However, inevitably, some of this plaque remains stuck between teeth or in those hard to reach places of the mouth. This plaque calcifies into tartar, and only a dentist with professional dental instruments can remove tartar. So you see, you really need professional cleanings to completely restore your mouth.

Q: What else does my dentist do during my dental cleaning?

A: Besides cleaning your teeth and gums, our dentist will also screen your mouth for signs of oral cancer, and check your teeth and gums for signs of infection. When you see your dentist regularly, you increase your chances of treating emerging dental problems early—before they become severe.

Q: I haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, and I’m nervous!

A: It’s normal to feel a little anxiety before your dental appointment—don’t worry! Remember, dentists are trained to treat all kinds of dental problems; they are there to help you not to judge you. Dental problems do not fix themselves, so take the leap and see your dentist as soon as possible!

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