Toluca Lake Dentist Explains How And Why Crowns Need To Be Replaced

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 1, 2021

We often talk about how our natural teeth can be damaged or infected, while neglecting to mention that dental restorations can also break down over time. Our Toluca Lake dentists encourage you to monitor the state of your restorations and fillings, so that you can reach out for additional treatment if necessary. Here are a few signs that your restoration is in need of replacement:

Tooth Sensitivity

If you start experiencing pain or sensitivity around your restored tooth, your restoration may no longer be adequately protecting sensitive tooth layers. While we care a lot about the aesthetics of our restorations, we need to remember that their functional/health benefits are just as important. 

Discoloration or Dulling

Occasionally patients notice visible changes to their teeth/restorations. Amalgam fillings, for example, will start to make the surrounding tooth appear dark and gray as the break down. It is also possible for discoloring dental debris to become trapped between the restoration and tooth, so talk to your dentist if you find dark spots popping up around your restoration.

Shifts in Bite Alignment

As your dental restoration starts to wear down, you may notice that your top and bottom teeth do not come together naturally and evenly any more. It is imperative that you have this issue addressed quickly, and delaying treatment can lead to serious long-term bite problems, premature enamel erosion, and cracked/chipped teeth

Our Toluca Lake dentists encourage you to keep your eyes open for signs of restoration damage. The sooner that you are able to schedule an appointment with your dental team, the better it is for your smile!