Toluca Lake Dentist Explains Why Patients Need to Floss Daily to Improve Oral Health

Written by Dr. McKay on Mar 19, 2013

Our Toluca Lake dentist office recommends that most patients see us every 6 months for thorough dental cleanings. But what can you do between these appointments to improve your oral health and keep your mouth as clean as possible? One of the most important things you can do is something you probably already know about—floss!

Now most patients know that they should be flossing at least once a day, but the truth is that few patients actually do it. We want to encourage you to make a habit of flossing—it can make a world of difference for your smile.

When you fail to floss, you put yourself at risk for a number of dental health problems:

Gum disease—periodontal disease is surprisingly common, and yet it goes untreated for too many patients. Flossing is an excellent way to clear plaque away from those hard to reach places between your teeth and from along the gum line. Floss to give your gum tissue a better shot of staying strong and healthy.

Cavities—dental decay is likely to crop up if you pass on flossing. The tight spaces between teeth are ideal breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, which can eat away at the dental enamel. So floss between your teeth everyday to clear away hard to reach plaque.

Bad breath—bad breath is a side effect of both dental cavities and gum disease. Patients with bacterial accumulation often notice that they have trouble maintaining fresh breath.

Flossing is a simple thing that you can do every day to boost your oral health. Get in the habit of flossing and you’ll be amazed at how much fresher your mouth feels and smells! Give our Toluca Lake dentist office a call to learn more about daily dental hygiene, or to schedule your own consultation—we look forward to hearing from you!