Toluca Lake Dentist Helps You Improve Your Oral Hygiene Habits

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 16, 2015

The more thoroughly that you can care for your teeth at home, the better your long-term oral health prognosis. However, it is easy to grow lax in your daily oral hygiene routine. Our Toluca Lake dentists understand this—that is why we have put together this primer on how to improve your at-home dental health habits.

Read through this short article, and see which of these steps you can incorporate into your dental maintenance habits.

· Many patients are already brushing their teeth twice a day—in the morning and at night. If you are not already doing this, please start right away!

· Now on to flossing—it’s so easy to skip this step! Our Toluca Lake dentists have found that many adult patients don’t really understand how important it is to floss. 

Flossing at least once a day is absolutely once of the best things that you can do to care for your smile.

· Pay attention to the techniques that you are using when you floss and when you brush.

1. When brushing, move your toothbrush in small circular “buffing” motions. And don’t press too hard on your enamel and gum tissues. As you are cleaning your gum tissue, try to apply only enough pressure to gently massage plaque away.

2. When flossing, move the string of floss both vertically and horizontally between your teeth. And, as you move from tooth to tooth, make sure not to use a portion of floss that has plaque on it already—keep moving to a new section of floss as you clean all of your teeth.

The best way to get dental health tips that suit your specific needs is to contact our Toluca Lake dentists for a personalized consultation. We can perform a thorough assessment of your oral health, and give you all of the guidance you need!