Toluca Lake Dentist Helps You Recognize Signs Of Plaque Build Up

Written by Dr. McKay on Nov 15, 2016

Plaque buildup is one of the most dangerous threats to your oral health. Proper daily oral hygiene care as well as professional dental treatments are designed to limit the amount of plaque that is able to accumulate and damage your teeth and gums.

Keep your eyes open for signs of plaque and tartar proliferation:

· Persistent bad breath—as oral bacteria feed they emit odors. Patients battling plaque and tartar accumulation often find that it is difficult for them to freshen their mouths and maintain odor-free breath.

· Unpleasant taste in the mouth—accumulated plaque and dental debris can make your mouth feel and taste stale. You may find this sensation is worse when you wake in the morning.

· Visible darkening around the edges of your teeth or near your gum line.

· Gum tissue bleeding when you eat, brush, floss—plaque weakens your gum tissues, so your gums may become swollen, red, tender, and prone to bleeding.

· A sticky film on your smile—when your dental enamel is clean and healthy it feels slick and smooth. Enamel that is marred by plaque may be coated in a tacky and sticky film.

It’s important to remember that plaque develops every day, so we need to stay vigilant against buildup. Brushing and flossing as recommended by your dentist allows you to continuously refresh your smile and minimize your risk of suffering from more severe dental issues. Semi-annual professional dental cleanings are also critical for keeping plaque from destroying your oral health.

Our Toluca Lake dentists are happy to give you any additional information that you may need about caring for your smile. We also offer a comprehensive range of dental services to help keep your smile healthy, strong, and beautiful. Talk to our dental team by giving our office a call or using our Contact Us page to submit a question and your contact information.