Toluca Lake dentist office offers tips for recognizing and managing toothaches

Written by Dr. McKay on Nov 13, 2012

There are few things worse than having a persistent toothache. You may have trouble eating and speaking with dental pain—it can literally affect every aspect of your daily functioning. Too many patients avoid seeking treatment for toothaches, because they’re afraid of what they may find out. However, the only way to effectively deal with a toothache is through professional dentistry. The sooner you’re able to see your dentist, the better your dental health will be.

Our Toluca Lake dentist office wants you to feel confident recognizing and speaking about the symptoms of toothaches. So here’s some more information about dental pain—I hope this helps you take control of your own dental health!

How do toothaches come about?

You’ll experience tooth pain when the nerves inside of your tooth become aggravated or irritated. This could happen because an infection has reached the inner core of your teeth—either by way of a cavity or gum disease. The nerves in your tooth can also be exposed if your tooth chips or cracks.

What can I do about it?

There are steps you can take to minimize the pain at home. You can use an ice compress to numb the outside of your cheek and the tooth underneath. You can rinse with warm water to dislodge any particles that may be stuck in your teeth. You can also use painkillers—though you should never place painkillers directly on your teeth or gums, as this is damaging.

Ultimately, in order to find lasting relief, you’ll need to seek treatment from a professional dentist. Our Toluca Lake dentist office can restore the appearance and the structural strength of your tooth.

Talk to your dentist as soon as you notice a toothache. With prompt and proper treatment, you’ll be able to enjoy a health, beautiful smile for years to come.