Toluca Lake Dentist Provides Overview Of Root Canal Situations

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 24, 2015

Root canal therapy is designed to help patients save severely damaged teeth. Our Toluca Lake dentists have helped numerous people reclaim healthy smiles with the aid of root canal treatment. We know that the term “root canal,” can be stress-inducing, but in reality this treatment is an important tool in our dental toolbox.

In today’s short article we will be discussing some common dental problems that may require root canal therapy. Remember: ultimately your dentist and you will decide whether root canal therapy is the best solution for your dental problem.

The Basics

Root canal therapy is a treatment that allows our dental team to go into the inner core of the tooth and address dental problems. During root canal therapy our team removes the inner core of the tooth—including the dental root—and then restore the remaining healthy dental structure.

The Issues

You may require root canal therapy if:

· You have a dental infection that has moved through your dental enamel, through your dentin, and into the dental core. Once your dental roots are infected, our dental team will need to clear them out in order to a) minimize your risk of further infection and b) save your dental structure.

· You sustain a serious dental injury. If your tooth is cracked or chipped all the way down into the dental core, you may require root canal therapy. An exposed dental root is very painful, and it is also prone to future damage and infection.

· You are battling a serious jaw or gum tissue infection. It is actually possible for dental roots to become infected from neighboring teeth, gum tissue, and jaw tissue.

Root canal therapy can save individual damaged teeth, and it can minimize your chance of further dental infection. So if your dentist recommends root canal treatment, don’t panic! Our Toluca Lake dentists are here to give you any additional information that you need.