Toluca Lake Dentists Restore Damaged Smiles With State-of-the-Art Treatment

Written by Dr. McKay on May 9, 2017

It used to be that patients suffering from dental damage were relegated to living with compromised teeth indefinitely. Thanks to modern dentistry, our Toluca Lake dentists are now able to restore smiles so that they look great and function optimally again. In this short article we’re going to be reviewing just some of the treatments and technologies that we utilize to address dental damage. Let’s get started!

The dental crown is absolutely indispensable in the world of restorative dentistry. Crowns allow our team to repair and rebuild teeth that are degraded due to infection or trauma. Our practice is equipped with CEREC crown technology; we are able to craft dental crowns right here in our office. You can come to our dentist with a damaged tooth, and leave with it fully restored the same day. Patients love CEREC because it eliminates the need for bothersome temporary crowns.

Dental bonding, which is the application of composite resin to the patient’s natural tooth structure, can fill in dental cracks and rebuild chipped away enamel. Because bonding is custom-shaded we are able to ensure that it blends in seamlessly with the natural dental structure. This entire treatment process can be completed in just one appointment!

For patients suffering from tooth loss, our dental team offers a number of tooth replacement treatments. Individual dental implants, which are anchored in the patient’s jawbone, serve as permanent stand-alone replacement teeth. Dental implant roots can also be used to anchor larger dental prostheses such as full dentures.

Dental damage doesn’t have to mar your smile and continue to negatively affect your oral health. There are treatment solutions available; we’re proud to offer options that are effective and patient-friendly.

If you want to learn more about restorative dentistry please reach out to our Toluca Lake dentists by phone or by using the Contact Us form on our website. We look forward to talking to you!