Toluca Lake Emergency Dentist Helps You Through Dental Trauma

Written by Dr. McKay on Jul 7, 2015

It is always upsetting and stressful to have to deal with a dental emergency. These problems can pop up due to infection, or accidents. But no matter what the cause, a dental emergency can really take a toll on your oral health and your peace of mind.

Our Toluca Lake emergency dentists work hard to help patients of all ages in case of emergency. And today we are sharing some tips with you about dealing with sudden dental problems in the best way.

First of all, take the time, right now, to figure out whom you and your family would call in a dental emergency. Make this information easy to find, so that when a problem does arise, you don’t have to scramble around to find help.

One of the most serious types of dental emergency is a dislodged tooth. The goal in this situation is to seek help right away, and hopefully reinsert the tooth so that it can take root again. In order to facilitate this process you should:

· Try to reinsert the tooth

· Don’t force the tooth it does not easily go back into the root space

· Rather keep the tooth in milk or water with a little salt until you can get to your dentist (this will help to keep the tooth alive)

· See your dentist ASAP—the teeth that are most likely to be saved are those that are reinserted within an hour of trauma

· Wash your hands before handling the tooth, and try to lose too much of any attached tissues or nerves on the tooth. If the tooth hit the ground, or another unsanitary surface, do gently rinse the tooth before placing it back in your mouth.

Prompt, thoughtful care can make all of the difference in these situations. Next week we’ll continue our discussion of dental emergencies. So come back then for more tips from our Toluca Lake dentists!