Toluca Lake Invisalign Dentist Enumerates Common Uses of Invisalign Treatment

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 4, 2014

Achieving a straight smile is now easier than ever before, thanks to user-friendly Invisalign treatment. While traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable and difficult to keep clean, Invisalign aligners make it a breeze to straighten your teeth and show off your smile. Are you like any of these patients? If so, contact our Toluca Lake Invisalign dentist to learn more about your cosmetic treatment options.

1. The patient needs to perfect his smile discreetly

Listen, no one loves the idea of wearing traditional metal braces, but there are certain people for whom metal braces truly aren’t an option. Many performers are unable to use conventional braces because metal braces limit their work options. Teachers find that metal braces can be distracting in their classes, and anyone who lectures or gives speeches frequently wants to avoid the oral cuts and irritation that come along with braces. Invisalign’s smooth resin aligners are transparent, so they allow your natural teeth to show through, and they’re comfortable.

2. The patient who prioritizes oral health

Metal braces are notoriously difficult for patients to keep clean. You have to use special threading tools to floss between teeth, and brushes cannot clean around the metal brackets and wires as effectively as they can clean natural teeth. Our dentist has found that this results in bacterial plaque build up for the patient. Invisalign aligners are different; because they are completely removable, you can brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash just like you always do!

The benefits of Invisalign aligners are easy to see, and these advantages attract many different types of dental patients. If you are thinking about straightening your smile, Invisalign could be the answer to your dental dilemmas. Please feel free to contact our Toluca Lake Invisalign dentist by calling our office or by submitting a comment online. Together we can take your smile to the next level!