Toluca Lake Invisalign Dentist Introduces You to 3 Different Invisalign Patients

Written by Dr. McKay on May 6, 2014

Invisalign provides patients with a wide number of benefits during treatment. Our Toluca Lake Invisalign dentist office wants to make sure that every one of our patients has a positive cosmetic dentistry experience, which is why we are so excited to tell you about the advantages of Invisalign. Let’s get to know some patients who love Invisalign.

Stephanie was drawn to Invisalign because she really did not want people to be able to tell that she was undergoing orthodontic treatment. As a teacher, it was important to Stephanie that her orthodontic treatment was not distracting for her students during class. She still wanted to look like a grown up as she perfected her smile. Invisalign was perfect for Stephanie because Invisalign aligners are completely clear, and thus practically invisible when worn on the teeth.

Todd’s mother actually encouraged him to consider Invisalign. Invisalign makes it exceptionally easy for patients to keep their teeth clean during treatment. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, you are able to take them out to clean your teeth in the morning, at night, and throughout the day. Todd really didn’t want to have to deal with food and dental plaque getting stuck in metal braces, which is why he was so excited to find out about easy-to-clean Invisalign!

Finally, Laura chose Invisalign because she was able to completely visualize how her smile would change before treatment even began. Our dental team showed Laura how each aligner would shift her teeth a little more, until all of her teeth reached their ideal positions. Laura loved that she was able to see how her smile would transform from start to finish.

If you think that Invisalign might be able to meet your needs, our Toluca Lake Invisalign dentist office can give you more information about orthodontic treatment. Feel free to call our dentist in order to get started!