Toluca Lake Invisalign Dentist Outlines Key Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Written by Dr. McKay on Dec 10, 2014

Patients of many ages choose to straighten their teeth with Invisalign, because they find this treatment to be the most innovative and convenient orthodontic treatment on the market. If you want more information about why Invisalign is so popular, keep reading this overview from our Toluca Lake Invisalign dentists. You’ve got questions…we’ve got answers!


One key reason that people turn to Invisalign is because this treatment makes it so convenient and simple for patients to straighten their teeth. These simple aligners pop right into place over your natural teeth—they do not require any metal brackets or wires, which require maintenance. Additionally, you are able to clean your mouth normally throughout the treatment process.


Another major advantage of Invisalign is that the aligners are transparent. This means that, once your aligners are in place, they are virtually invisible. You can smile confidently during treatment, because your smile won’t be marred with metal orthodontics.


Invisalign aligners, which are made of plastic resin, are completely smooth and comfortable. The patient’s oral tissues will not get caught or cut on the aligners as they do when the patient wears traditional metal braces. The aligners may feel tight when you first switch the next aligner in the series, but they will quickly feel comfortable and natural.


Invisalign imaging allows you to see exactly how your smile will change as you move through Invisalign treatment. This technology takes all of the guesswork out of cosmetic dentistry treatment; you can make sure that you are going to love your post-treatment smile before we even get started!

If you are interested in perfecting your smile, please feel free to contact our Toluca Lake Invisalign dentist office for more information about all of your cosmetic options. You can also get more Invisalign info from the Invisalign page on our website!