Toluca Lake Invisalign Dentist Walks You Through Questions To Consider About An Invisalign Provider

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 12, 2014

Choosing a cosmetic dentist with whom you work well and feel comfortable can make a huge difference when it comes to achieving cosmetic results. If you are thinking about pursuing Invisalign, here are some tips from our Toluca Lake Invisalign dentist regarding what kinds of questions you should be asking. We hope this helps you find the perfect Invisalign provider for you.

Experience and results

When you speak to a dentist, talk to him or her about what kind of experience they have perfecting smiles with Invisalign. The Invisalign company actually has different distinctions and labels for dentists with varying accumulated experience. For example, Dr. McKay is a Premier Invisalign Provider, which means that he has extensive and frequent experience utilizing Invisalign technology.

Flexibility and convenience

While you are perfecting your smile with Invisalign, you will need to regularly receive new aligners from your dentist. So make sure that you talk to your dental team about what kinds of flexible scheduling options they offer, and what the process will be like when you have cosmetic check-ups.

Supplemental cosmetic treatments

Sometimes small additional cosmetic treatments can be the perfect finishing touches to Invisalign results. Once you have straightened and streamlined your smile, you may benefit from a dental whitening treatment, or simple dental bonding, for example. Check with different dentists to see what kinds of additional cosmetic options they offer post-Invisalign.

As you are investigating your Invisalign options, take the time to get all of the answers you need prior to starting treatment. This will help ensure that you feel confident during treatments, and that you end up with results that you really love!

To get in touch with our Toluca Lake Invisalign dentist office, give our team a call, or submit a question and your contact information on our website. We have the answers that you need!