Toluca Lake LUMINEERS Dentist Explains Why Patients Commonly Choose Dental LUMINEERS

Written by Dr. McKay on Nov 26, 2013

With so many effective cosmetic dentistry treatment options available today, it can be difficult to know which treatment is right for your smile. Luckily, our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentist office has years of experience helping patients make the best decisions for their teeth—we can help you as well!

One increasingly popular treatment option is dental LUMINEERS treatment. You may have already heard about LUMINEERS, or this may be your first introduction to this cosmetic solution—either way read on to get the information you need about why patients so often choose LUMINEERS over other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

LUMINEERS are similar to traditional veneers in that they are porcelain restorations that cover your existing teeth. Because LUMINEERS are designed to cover your dental enamel, they can effectively mask a wide number of common cosmetic complaints.

Patients choose LUMINEERS because they are:

Versatile—they can be used to make teeth look straighter, enamel look whiter, and your overall smile look more balanced and seamless.

Fast—LUMINEERS treatment takes only two or three dental appointments to complete. You will enjoy full cosmetic results right away.

Reversible—Because LUMINEERS are so thin, our dentist does not need to shave your natural teeth down significantly in order to place them. This means that your teeth stay healthy and intact under your LUMINEERS.

Comfortable—LUMINEERS treatment is very comfortable; you will not have to suffer through significant enamel and tissue alterations prior to treatment.

If you are ready to get even more information about revolutionary dental LUMINEERS, our Toluca Lake LUMINEERS dentist office is here to meet your needs. You can even schedule a consultation with our dentist to get a better idea of whether you are a good candidate for LUMINEERS. Either call our office or submit your inquiry online in order to get started right away!