Toluca Lake Restorative Dentist Discusses Key Considerations When Getting Crowns

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 14, 2022

Restoring your smile with a dental crown can help you feel confident quickly, while improving your dental health. That is why our Toluca Lake CEREC dentists work so hard to deliver customized results to fit your needs. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the things we personalize when creating crowns…

Natural Tooth Shape

Before we craft and place your dental restoration we will take a look at your natural teeth for guidance. Whether you have more angular or rounded dental enamel, we’ll match your restoration to blend in seamlessly.


As you may imagine, it’s also crucial that our team creates an appropriately sized dental crown for your mouth. This has to do with both function and aesthetics. When a restoration is too large for a patient’s smile, for example, it can cause bite dysfunction and jaw problems. So, when we size restorations we aren’t just thinking about what looks natural; we’re also determining the healthiest size for your smile.

Adjacent Teeth

We also want to take a look at the teeth surrounding your dental restoration. If, for example, you want to lighten your natural dental shade, we encourage you to do this prior to crown placement. This allows us to match your restoration shade to the new shade of the surrounding teeth.

Because we are able to customize crowns down to the smallest details, our patients end up with restorations that look exceptionally natural while enhancing oral health. Please feel free to reach out to our Toluca Lake CEREC dentists to learn more or to schedule a personal consultation with our team!