Toluca Lake Restorative Dentists Save Smiles

Written by Dr. McKay on Oct 27, 2015

When teeth become damaged, they can look unsightly and old. More importantly, damaged teeth can destabilize your entire smile. The sooner that you seek treatment for dental damage, the better off you’ll be. So today our Toluca Lake dentists are going to be talking to you about the treatments we use to treat dental damage.

The first thing that our dental team will do is to determine exactly what type of damage you’re dealing with.

If, for example, you have cavities, our first priority will be to eliminate the infected dental materials. Once we clear out the infection, we can sterilize the rest of the tooth and cap it with a natural looking restoration. Our office crafts CEREC crowns right here in our office, to ensure that you get the efficient, high-quality treatment that you need.

Teeth can also accumulate cracks, chips, and fractures over time. If these imperfections are fairly minor, we may be able to repair your teeth with dental bonding—a process that involves our dentist applying dental resin over natural enamel. More severely damaged teeth may benefit from dental crowns or Lumineers.

Our dental team also provides treatments for people who are currently missing teeth. The innovative dental implant is the leading tooth replacement option—this stand-alone replacement tooth looks and feels like a natural tooth. Permanent dental implants are completely customizable, and easy to care for. Plus, these replacement teeth—because they have replacement dental roots—actually help to maintain healthy bone density.

These treatments can be used alone or in combination in order to help you achieve your dental goals. If you want to learn more about restorative dentistry, our Toluca Lake dentists are available to answer your questions. Give our team a call to get started on your way to a healthy and gorgeous smile!