Toluca Lake Root Canal Dentist Explains How Root Canal Therapy Helps People

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 4, 2014

Our Toluca Lake dentist office knows that some people honestly believe that root canal therapy is the most terrible dental procedure on earth! But we are here to tell you that root canal therapy is actually a very helpful treatment for a large number of dental patients. We hope that this explanation helps you get a better idea of what root canal therapy is all about.

So let’s say that you have a damaged tooth. Your tooth may be in bad shape because you have a dental infection that has grown out of control. Alternatively, you may have sustained some kind of dental damage due to an accident or dental trauma. You might even be able to see that your tooth is compromised, and/or feel a significant amount of pain when you put pressure on the tooth.

When your tooth is significantly damaged the dental enamel is no longer properly protecting the inner core of your tooth. Thus, the inner core of your tooth is exposed to further damage and infection.

Root canal therapy is a procedure during which our dental team clears out the inner core of your tooth—including the root—and then fills and restores the tooth. This means that you:

· Correct the current dental infection/damage that plagues your tooth

· Save the functionality of your tooth—you can still eat, speak, and smile with your existing tooth intact!

· Achieve an attractive appearance for your previously damaged tooth—all of the materials that our dentist uses to restore your smile will blend with your other teeth and look natural.

See! Root canal therapy is actually a very important, and health-restoring treatment for many people living with dental damage. And thanks to modern dental technology, root canal therapy is faster and more comfortable than ever before. Our Toluca Lake root canal dentists are here to help you every step of the way!