Toluca Lake Root Canal Dentist Explains the Conditions that Can Lead to Root Canal Therapy

Written by Dr. McKay on May 14, 2013

Among patients, there are few more infamous procedures than the root canal. Over the years root canal therapy has achieved somewhat of an unfair bad reputation. The truth is that is procedure can save damaged teeth, and actually restore the appearance and the functionality of your smile.

Our Toluca Lake root canal dentists have put together this explanation of the type of dental problems that can lead to root canal therapy. Once you understand how these problems develop, you can work to avoid them in your daily life!

Root canal therapy essentially clears the dental pulp—which is located in the inner core of the tooth—and the dental root out of a damaged tooth. So a tooth that requires root canal therapy has been damaged or become infected down to the tooth root. 

Severe tooth damage can happen…

Due to neglect of dental hygiene

Over time the oral bacteria that cause cavities will continue to infect the tooth down to the tooth root. Once the inner core of the tooth is compromised, the patient will experience pain, and risks suffering from diseased gum and bone tissue as well, as the infection spreads.

Because of an accident or dental trauma

If you experience an accident and your tooth becomes cracked or chipped down to the core, your dental pulp will be exposed. This is not only painful, but it also leaves your dental core vulnerable to further damage and infection.

Protecting your teeth means following a proper dental hygiene routine, and wearing the appropriate protective dental gear when playing sports. Our Toluca Lake dentist office can help you preserve dental health for the long-term—just give us a call to get started! And remember, if you do require root canal therapy in order to restore your dental health, you’re in good hands!