Toluca Lake Root Canal Dentist Helps Patients Understand the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 3, 2014

So you have a damaged or infected tooth. You can tell there’s a problem—maybe your tooth hurts, or it looks infected, or perhaps you can even tell that it is deteriorating. What do you do now?

In many cases, the answer is that you undergo root canal therapy. Don’t panic! Our Toluca Lake root canal dentist office is here to make root canal therapy as comfortable and easy as it can be. Plus, root canal therapy is actually a hugely beneficial treatment for patients with existing dental damage.

To quickly review, root canal therapy involves our dental team clearing away the diseased or damaged inner core of your tooth. We then sterilize your entire tooth, fill it, and place a restoration.

So how does this help the patient?

1. Eliminates infection

The most important thing that root canal therapy does is to clear out infected dental material from your mouth. Left untreated, this infected material would spread—potentially causing tooth loss, bone deterioration, and systemic problems.

2. Restore functionality

If you have ever had a serious dental infection, you know that it can be quit painful and difficult to live with. Root canal therapy allows our team to restore your tooth, so that it is still strong and functional in your mouth.

3. Aesthetic results

When our dentist restores your tooth, he will make sure to use materials that blend with your natural dental enamel. When you take a look at your tooth post-treatment it will appear whole, healthy, and like it belongs with your natural teeth.

Don’t let a damaged tooth sit and fester in your mouth. Seek the restorative treatment that you need as soon as you recognize a dental problem. Our Toluca Lake dentist office provides that support and high quality care that you need. Please feel free to contact our caring team to get more information.